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Harbour Planning Principles & Guideline

As part of the Harbour Plan Review, the Harbour-front Enhancement Committee Sub-committee on Harbour Plan Review formulated a set of Harbour Planning Principles, including a Vision and a Mission Statements, which aim to serve as guidelines for all individuals and organizations in the planning, preservation, development and management of Victoria Harbour and its harbour-front areas. The Harbour-front Enhancement Committee agreed that the Principles should be taken as a "living" document and would be subject to review to reflect changing planning circumstances and public aspirations when appropriate.

Please click here for the Vision and Mission Statements, and the Principles.

The Principles, however, are broad in nature and are rather abstract and conceptual. To enable relevant stakeholders and members of the public to better understand the intentions and requirements of the Principles, a set of Harbour Planning Guidelines has also been drawn up by the Sub-Committee on Harbour Plan Review and endorsed by the Harbour-front Enhancement Committee. The Guidelines are grouped under nine aspects, namely, public engagement, land use planning, urban design, landscaping, physical linkage, land formation, harbour-front management, sustainable development and temporary land uses.

The Harbour-front Enhancement Committee will make reference to the Guidelines in considering and tendering advice on development proposals in and around the Victoria Harbour. Individual project proponents are encouraged to comply with the Guidelines as far as possible and practicable.

Please click here for the Harbour Planning Guidelines.