Harbour-front Enhancement Committee
To advise the Government through the Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands on planning, land uses and developments along the existing and new harbour-front of the Victoria Harbour, with a view to protecting the Harbour; improving the accessibility, utilization and vibrancy of the harbour-front areas; and safeguarding public enjoyment of the Harbour through a balanced, effective and public participation approach, in line with the principle of sustainable development.

  Specifically, the Committee will —

(a) Provide feedback to and monitor the reviews on the remaining proposed reclamation within the harbour, namely the Wan Chai North and Southeast Kowloon reclamation proposals;
(b) Advise on the planning, design and development issues including land use, transport and infrastructure, landscaping and other matters relating to the existing and new harbour-front and the adjoining areas;
(c) Advise on means to enlist greater public involvement in the planning and design of the harbour-front areas; and
(d) Explore a sustainable framework to manage the harbour-front areas, including public-private partnership.